Treehugger: Bill McDonough’s Bison Court in Banff

The real deal in green design will not be found in single family houses in the country with acres of solar panels on the roof, but in the building of communities where people can live and work. The best examples might be projects like Bison Court in Banff, Alberta. It is built around an historic cabin by developer Peter Poole of Arctos & Bird , who hired the best- William McDonough, with Zeidler and Partners’ Calgary office as “architect of record”. Landscape is by Siteworks, with local colour by Skatliff + Miller + Murray .

Chris Turner of the Globe and Mail writes that it is “an effort to bring truly sustainable development to a mountain town that had grown so rich on its natural beauty that it was on the verge of forgetting that a pretty view was not the same as a healthy ecosystem.”
Turner continues: