Zen House

Zen house – In a single calligraphic gesture, the roof lifts and folds toward the sky and then cascades down to the earth while capturing living, sleeping and contemplative spaces within.

The first net-zero house completed by HEDS Architects, Hays designed a home that weaves the rhythm of the owner’s daily activities with the spirit of the land and its microclimate.

Many elements of the house are designed to serve multiple purposes. The roof shape is optimized for solar panels. The same roof shape also draws air from the lowest windows on the south side, up to the third floor windows to create a convective current, known as the chimney effect, to naturally ventilate the house. The overlapping spaces also create an easy sense of connectivity from the ground floor to the balcony and adjoining spaces above. The third floor promontory takes in the stunning 360° views. The top floor space is also a sacred space for prayer and meditation. Principal-in-Charge: Chris Hays