Night Sounds Bridge House

A house that is a bridge soars above a ravine to capture mountain views. Life lived among the trees, connected to nature, to the earth and sky.

Modern house with pools set in the woods

Designed to meet the strictest energy standards—roof solar panels and geothermal provide free energy to the home. The design meets Passivhaus standards for energy efficiency.

The Bridge House design draws inspiration from place—the cladding for the modern home design is of weathering steel (Corten)—its color evokes the local iron-rich clay. Charlottesville, Virginia architect Allison Ewing, took sound recordings at the site—the nocturnal chorus of hoot owls and tree frogs were graphed to set up the rhythm of the ribbed metal siding. Sunlight filters through the Corten perforated panels much like the dappled light of the surrounding woods—the house is animated by light and connected to its site at a granular level. Design Partner: Allison Ewing